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How can I tell if my pool has a leak?

Simply fill a bucket with pool water and put it in the pool, mark the water level inside the bucket, as well as the pool water level on the outside of the bucket.  A mark could also be made on the waterline perimeter or tile line and the bucket placed on the pool deck adjacent the pool. Disable your pool equipment and the automatic water leveler during this time. If the water level in the pool (the outside of the bucket) is lower than the water level inside the bucket after 24-48 hours, you probably have a structural leak. This is called a static bucket test.  You can also perform this same test changing only one variable.  Perform the same operation, but with the pool equipment running, this is called an active bucket test.  This will show if the pool plumbing is leaking underground.  This method is relatively reliable, because the evaporation rate should be equal in both water vessels. Call us today if you have questions or concerns about a leak or any other questions about your pool equipment operation.

What should I do if I see algae in my pool?

Algae spores are everywhere: these microscopic single-cell structures are blown into the pool by the wind, washed into the pool by rainfall, or carried into the pool on swimmers' skin or bathing suits. Even if you can't see an algae bloom, there is still a potential threat in your pool water. Under the right conditions, tiny spores will bloom into those dreaded bright green or mustard yellow discolorations you may see. Usually, algae is not hazardous to your health. Although algae might not present a health risk, it can make the water cloudy and your pool look dirty, thus negatively impacting your swimming experience. By treating your pool preventatively, you can help minimize the threat of algae blooms. There are a wide variety of algaecides that are tailored to treat various strains of algae. A professionally prescribed chemical treatment can prevent or reduce the amount of algae in your pool. If you have not been able to eradicate the algae bloom on your own, contact us today and find out about our "No Green Guarantee" weekly pool care service.

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